What exactly do you do at weddings, parties and events?

I draw on- the- spot caricatures of you and your guests.

How long does each one take and how many can you do in an hour?

Each one takes about four or five minutes to draw, in black and white with grey shading. I draw about 12-13 an hour on average.

How long is the hire time for your services?

Minimum of two hours and anything up to four or five hours.

Do you walk around or sit stationary?

This is all dependant on time of day. I’m happy to mix and mingle with your guests if I’m there for drinks reception. Later on, whilst band or DJ is on, I need to be somewhere light, so tend to be more stationary at this time.

What do you require when you arrive?

Very little. If I’m to be stationary I would need some where light with a small table and three chairs.

I’m afraid my guests might feel offended by caricatures?

Don’t worry. I don’t overdo my caricatures. I don’t set out to offend anyone and actually want my sitters to enjoy the experience and take away their picture as a nice keepsake of the event.

How far do you travel?

Generally, anywhere up to two hours driving time.

What are your prices?

I can’t publish a set price. The cost of hire would depend on how many hours you require and how far I would have to travel.

What are the payment details?

Small deposit secures date (on availability) and balance can be paid anytime up to and including the date. I send out confirmation and agreement once deposit is paid.

What is the best time for you to ‘be on’?

Best times are during drinks reception when photos are being taken and everyone is starting to unwind. It provides a nice icebreaker. Room turnaround later on is also a good time. Often guests are milling about in the bar area for an hour or so whilst staff change the room around. Evenings I would need somewhere light to work. Times not really suited to what I do are during the meal and speeches.